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2ndLook Graphic Design creates websites that are unique, targeted to your market, professional in both appearance and functions, and created to accomplish the goal you have established for your website to accomplish.

Normal work flow for website development is as follows:
  • Initial discussion about website needs (no charge)

  • 2ndLook will present cost estimate based on level of design chosen and Web Design Agreement will be submitted to the client.

  • Client will sign and return the cost estimate and Web Design Agreement and will pay 50% of the estimated cost to 2ndLook Graphic Design at this time.

  • Work on website commences with client providing 2ndLook with text (MS Word preferred) any logos and/or photos that will be provided (digital preferred) and a basic outline of content/pages they would like included in the website.
    *Note* This can be accomplished either in face to face meeting or via email.

  • Client provides 2ndLook with all information necessary for FTP upload of website files to clients's web host or arrange for hosting through 2ndLook.

  • 2ndLook will provide options for home page design available to client at their own link on www.2ndlookgraphics.com. Revisions, changes, etc. will be made to come up with a basic look for the site based on the development of the home page. *Please note* a fair amount of back-and-forth will be necessary during these stages. All interaction can take place using email and viewing progress at client's link online. Client delays in responses or providing content is the primary cause in this process taking longer than desired.

  • A similar process to the above step will be followed for each of 2nd level pages, 3rd level pages and form pages.

  • After all level pages have been basically designed 2ndLook will proceed to fill up the website page by page relating to design decisions made on the earlier stages but applying the design to the specific content.

  • Final site design will be reviewed by the client for content, functionality, and appearance.

  • Upon client approval 2ndLook will upload the finished website to the client's web host.

  • A 2 week testing period will follow the website upload during which client will be encouraged to ask others to "try out" the website . This is to check for any issues with browser/platform compatibility. If needed 2ndLook will make adjustments to the website files during the testing period to ensure the website is functioning as it should.

  • Client will be invoiced for and pay the remaining cost due.

  • Upon payment, client will own the copyright to the website.



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