2ndLook Website Gallery

The slideshow below displays several of the currently active websites designed by 2ndLook Graphic Design. Each slide includes a short description of the website. If you click on the image displayed you will be taken to the active website.


  • Chautauqua Striders Chautauqua Striders The goal of this website is to help youth graduate from high school inspired with the knowledge, skill, and confidence required for successful college and career experiences. Through various tutoring, educational mentoring, and track programs, our unique organization is able to meet the individual needs of a wide range of youth. This site is a fully responsive WordPress website which is maintained by Striders' personnel.
  • Conewango Products Conewango Products Website for distributor of milker liners and other dairy farmer resources. This site was recently redesigned as a fully responsive WordPress site and features accordian panels to display a large number of product descriptions in a relatively small space. The site is designed and maintained by 2ndLook.
  • All American Karate School All American Karate School This fully responsive WordPress website was built for a new karate school and reflects the character of this school. the site includes videos integrated into pages. The website was built so the owners will be able to easily update content without having to know web technology,
  • Mystic Water Resort Mystic Water Resort This fully responsive website features a lovely rustic resort, nestled in the Allegany Foothills in Limestone NY. The site includes image sliders, photo gallery and interactive map with a link to get directions to the resort from you location.
  • The Kidney Connection The Kidney Connection The website's purpose is to connect persons in need of a kidney transplant with potential living donors and to promote awareness of the issues involved with kidney disease transplants. Persons in need of a kidney transplant can submit their stories and their photos which are then displayed. The site is designed by 2ndLook and maintained by owners. See more about this site on the Website Case Studies page.
  • Abers Acres Abers Acres Fruit and vegetable market that also features pick-your-own and wholesale. This site is maintained by 2ndLook and requires frequent updates on what fresh produce is currently available. An embedded Facebook widget allows for viewers to "Like" the Facebook page.
  • The Paper Factory The Paper Factory The Paper Factory, in Olean, NY, has huge assortment of items and services for sale. It took a lot of organization to show all that without getting cluttered. This is a fully responsive WordPress website which is maintained by the store staff. It features a sortable catalog for the hundreds of costumes available for rent. We also provided opportunities throughout the site to feature sales, new products , etc.
  • Kennedy Supermarket Kennedy Supermarket Local supermarket website includes a link to the weekly specials flyer as well as a means to sign up for the newsletter and receive web-viewer-only special offerings.
  • Gebbie Foundation Gebbie Foundation Local foundation whose mission is to rejuvenate downtown Jamestown through economic development to make it an attractive place to work, live, shop, and visit. The website is designed and maintained by 2ndLook Graphic Design
  • Something Unique Art Gallery Something Unique Art Gallery Website designed in the WordPress framework for easy content management by the client. The site features a sortable gallery both on home page and on the "Items for Sale" page. This is a fully responsive website. The design changes to be optimized for the device it is viewed on.
  • ADM Welding & Fabrication ADM Welding & Fabrication ADM Welding & Fabrication Inc. manufactures pre-fabricated steel bridges for both temporary and permanent applications. The website is designed and maintained by 2ndLook.
  • The Better Place The Better Place The Better Place provides training in prayer, inner-healing and deliverance for Christians, and renewal for pastors; at retreats and conferences. This website is fully responsive and provides e-commerce opportunities via PayPal.
  • Ariel's Bed & Breakfast Ariel's Bed & Breakfast Bed & Breakfast website featuring a seamless interface with a reservation service for viewers to book their stay. This site is designed and maintained by 2ndLook Graphic Design
  • Chautauqua Machine Specialties, LLC Chautauqua Machine Specialties, LLC Website for a business that produces high quality, precision manufactured parts. The site features a Flash animation in the header and a slide show onthe homepage as well. Viewers can purchase selected products from the site via PayPal. Website is designed by 2ndLook and maintained by the owners.
  • White Swan Ballroom White Swan Ballroom Website for a unique event venue that specializes in big name "Oldies Shows." The website also promotes the venue for other purposes such as weddings, reunions, etc. This is a fully responsive website. The design changes to be optimized for the device it is viewed on. The site also allows for viewers to sign up for the Ballroom's newsletter via Constant Contact, and features embedded YouTube videos of upcoming acts.
  • Magic Hand Cleaner Magic Hand Cleaner This website is an example of a simple website with a specific purpose. There are only 2 pages. The home page which introduces the product and an order page. Since this product site is owned by an existing client, with hosting through 2ndLook, we were able to set this up as an add-on site and resides in the same hosting although it has its own unique domain.
  • Le Mée Studies Le Mée Studies The website of Jean Le Mée and Katharine Le Mée which highlights their professional works in the areas of Engineering Education, Gregorian Chants and Healing Practices. A special feature can be found under "Chartres Cathedral Studies" where the recent papers by Jean Le Mée can be read using a navigation panel and featuring embedded links to open images and notes on roll over.
  • Digless Fencing Solutions Digless Fencing Solutions This page utilizes an embedded YouTube video to inform potential customers about the products available. Site is designed and maintained by 2ndLook.
  • Cattaraugus Abstract Corp Cattaraugus Abstract Corp Website designed for an abstract company. Viewers can initiate their abstract orders by using one of several form options.



Website Maintenance

2ndLook also provides website maintenance services for businesses with an existing website who are not able to or do not have the time to take care of updating content them selves.



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