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2ndLook can design most any printed marketing piece you will need.

You will have the choice of receiving the artwork as printer ready for you to take to the printer of your choice

- or -

2ndLook can take care of having the printing done for you and take care of all the interaction with the printer.


Print Gallery


These are just a few of the many printed items 2ndLook can produce for you. Contact Us to talk about your next project.



Although digital electronic media is an ever expanding and evolving outlet for your advertising and promotional marketing, there is still an important place for the printed marketing tools that have become standard in all marketing plans.


Imagine how difficult it would be to promote your business or organization without the following printed promotional tools.


business cards by 2ndLookBusiness Essentials

Business Cards, Letterheads, business forms. These important marketing tools are often neglected and treated as simply utilitarian. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is important to keep your Business Visual Identity always top of mind to your clients both current and future. These business essentials act as a friendly intrusion into the everyday life of everyone who happens to come in contact with them. It is important to make that contact significant and favorable. A well designed Corporate Visual Iidentity carried out across all of your business communications will continuously reinforce your visual message.


brochures by 2ndLookBrochures

Websites are great and important but having a Brochure at hand that actively promotes your business or organization can literally put your information in the hand of your future customer. It is also an important way to whet the interest of viewers so they will continue on to your website and take further action in engaging your services.


Ads Magazines or Newspapers

An important use of print in your marketing plan is the insertion of your advertising into printed media such as magazines, newspapers and newsletters. Although 2nd look does not provide media buying at this time we do a great job preparing ads that are eye catching, informative and include a call to action. We work with the specs provided by the publication you are working with, prepare the ad to specs and will upload to your contact after we receive your final approval.


Posters, Post Cards, and Much More...

The printed items noted on this page are just a few of the many sorts of items designed for the printing press that we can produce for you. This includes posters, post cards, rack cards, catalogs, stickers, labels, and most anything you can come up with.




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