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First the Goal

The primary focus of the website design process at 2ndLook Graphic design is to first determine the expected outcome for the website, such as more orders, increased community visibility, dissemination of information, etc. The first question is "What change do you want to see as a result of having this website?"


It's a Team Effort

Starting with your website's goal, we will work together as a team. You will provide information about your business or organization. You will determine the amount of involvement you will like to have when the website is complete. We will inform you of what technologies and features are available (a constantly changing list). Together we will decide on a plan for your website.


Major Elements of a Website


Website Design

2ndLook Graphic Design creates websites that are visually engaging, developed to fulfill your desired outcome, and to stand out above the competition in your market. Our websites can be fully responsive so the design and layout is optimized for display on the various devices they may be viewed on.


Our websites feature high quality custom graphics, interactivity, forms,
easy to use navigation, various options for website maintenance, animation, photo galleries and slideshows,and indepth web stats via Google Analytics.

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Website Maintenance

Some of our clients want to be able to make changes to their own websites on a regular basis and others would rather have that taken care of for them.
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Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is your address on the web.

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Website Hosting

Your website host is the location where your website files are stored on servers connected to the internet.
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