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Illustration Services

2ndLook Graphic Design can provide illustration in either vector (Adobe Illustrator) or raster (Adobe Photoshop) formats. Illustrations are generally produced in connection with a project such as Logo Design, Website Design, and Brochure Design. See panel at the right for samples of 2ndLook illustrations.

2ndLook can also animate illustrations, slideshows, charts, or text messages.

Printing and Production Liaison

2ndLook can design most any printed marketing piece you will need.
You will have the choice of receiving the artwork as printer ready for you to take to the printer of your choice - or - 2ndLook can take care of having the printing done for you.

We will take care of all the interaction with the printer. When we contract for the printing or production we will quote the job, present you with the costs, handle all interaction with the printer and check that the final cost matches the quote. We will pay the printer and then invoice you for cost plus 20%.


Website Domain Name Registration

Domain Registration through 2ndLook

2ndLook can arrange registration of your domain name. If we register your domain name(s) the domain registrar will list you as the Owner. 2ndLook will be named in the Administrator, Technical, and Billing categories. 2ndLook will pay the registrar and keep track of expiration dates. We will invoice you for the cost of the registration plus a small service charge.


Website Hosting

2ndLook Hosting

2ndLook is a re-seller of hosting provided by We can set up and administer hosting for you at various levels based on the needs of your website. 2ndLook only provides hosting for website design or website maintenance clients.


Photo Art Images

A new service from the owner of 2ndLook Graphic Design

a 2ndLook Photo Art

View a large selection of original photos enhanced digitally and creatively as art. Many images from Jamestown, NY, Chautauqua County and Western NY, plus many other subjects.

Order your prints of your chosen images at a variety of sizes and on a variety of surfaces, with or without frames, at




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