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Website Hosting

Your website host is the location where your website files are stored on servers connected to the internet.


2ndLook Hosting

2ndLook is a reseller of hosting provided by We can set up and administer hosting for you at various levels based on the needs of you website. 2ndLook only provides hosting for website design or website maintenance clients.


Other Hosting Options

If you already have hosting available to you or would prefer to set up your own hosting 2ndLook can easily work with your host to upload and maintain your web files.


For 2ndLook to interact with your hosting account we will need you to provide the following information:

  • host address for FTP upload

  • host account user name *

  • host account password *

* This could be the user name and password you use or you could ask your host set a user name and password up for the web designer that can only access the areas needed for that purpose.



Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is your address on the web. It is absolutely unique for every website. You may have more than one domain name with the main name and others as parked domains which will also point to your website.


Registration through 2ndLook

2ndLook can arrange registration of your domain name if you wish or you can do it yourself. If we register your domain name(s) the domain registrar will list you as the Owner. 2ndLook will be named in the Administrator, Technical, and Billing categories. 2ndLook will pay the registrar and keep track of expiration dates. We will invoice you for the cost of the registration plus a small service charge. Click on the banner below to set up your domain through 2ndLook Domains, a GoDaddy reseller account. If you would prefer, we can set it up for you.



Registering your own domain

If you choose to register your own domain you will need to make sure that the DNS (Designated Name Server) settings set on the domain match up to those of the web host server. If you set up your own hosting at the same source as your domain this will be simple. If it is a different location you will need to make the setting changes yourself.





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