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Just as you would not consider starting a road trip to a new destination without a map, you should not consider starting a new or revised website without a plan.



A website plan is a great way to get the most out of your website by first determining:

  • Your Goals

  • Who you hope to attract to visit your site

  • What those viewers will be looking for

  • What you want the website viewers to do once they find your website

  • What websites or other media will be competing with your website

  • What is special about you, your business or organization

  • What features should be included in your website

  • What graphics, color scheme, logos, etc will need to be included

  • How will people find out about your website

  • How can we test your website before making it public

  • What sort of updates will be needed and how frequently

  • Who will be maintaining the website


By neglecting to plan for any of these important elements you could find your project at a dead end and find yourself having to turn around-go back-and start over.


For an example of how a website plan can be structured you may view this sample website plan. You can then view this sample website that shows the results of the sample website plan.


To start on your own website plan click here to download our Website Plan Worksheet.




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