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In the planning stage of website development one of the most important decisions to make is "How will content be updated?"


Some things to consider are how often will changes be needed, are you or your staff capable of and have time to make updates on a regular basis, and will updated content be more easily understood by someone involved in your organization than by an outside source.


Quite honestly, if you will not be needing updates any more often than once a month, and you do not have personnel familiar with web technology, it may not be a good idea to attempt to maintain the site yourself. Even the easiest content management system takes some time to learn and is difficult if not used on a frequent basis.


Client Website Maintenance

If you will be needing to make updates from your location it is important that we plan on that from the start. We are currently the WordPress framework for clients who wish to make regular updates themselves. WordPress uses a very easy to understand dashboard that does not require an in-depth knowledge of web technology. With the WordPress websites there are also a large number of widgets and plugins that can add interest and functionality to your website.


2ndLook Website Maintenance

Many of our clients find that they do not have the time or staff persons available to make occasional content updates. 2ndLook will maintain client's websites at an hourly rate or a negotiated monthly rate. When working on an hourly basis it is suggested that updates be grouped so they will be more time efficient to save cost for the client.


Client/2ndLook Web Maintenance

Often clients will want to take care of maintenance in certain areas of the website on a regular basis but do not want to have to deal with more complex changes, new pages added, or working with images, forms, animation, or new page creation. In those cases we will target the areas set for client maintenance for ease of access for you.


Website Maintenance for Existing Sites

2ndLook also performs website maintenance for clients who have an existing website, not designed by 2ndLook Graphic Design. As with our website design clients these updates are billed on an hourly basis or a negotiated monthly fee. There will also be a one time fee for setting up the web hosting connections and setting up the site so it can be worked on locally prior to uploading.


Website maintenance clients will need to supply 2ndLook with FTP connection information to be able to upload changes.



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