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The display below will show a few of the many sorts of design for print projects that are created by 2ndLook Graphic Design. Projects range from as small as a pen imprint to as large as a billboard. We create single page business cards as well as multi page booklets and catalogs.


The best idea, when planning for a promotional campaign of any sort, is to keep a high level of design consistency. This will give you the advantage of redundancy of message. Every time your message's visual presentation is viewed it creates an additional imprint on the viewer. Be sure that you get the cumulative effect of the same impression.


2ndLook can provide design for a large array of printed and screen based promotional pieces.

  • Business Cards Business Cards
  • Business Cards Folded Business Cards Folded
  • Brochures Brochures
  • Posters Posters
  • Post Cards Post Cards
  • Labels Labels
  • Booklets & Catalogs Booklets & Catalogs
  • Print Advertising Print Advertising



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