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A well planned and designed visual identity will present a consistent message about your business or organization.


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Your Logo Design Package




When the logo design stage is done and you have given approval on all of the included elements, 2ndLook will prepare your logo files that will be delivered as the final product. You will have the option of a complete 2ndLook Logo Package or individual elements at a negotiated price.


If you opt for a complete logo package you will receive:

  • a booklet with all the variations of your logo in print along with the specifications

  • a sheet explaining what the various file formats are used for

  • one letterhead design, supplied as ready for professional printing as well as a MS Word template that you can use for business communications

  • one business card design supplied as ready for professional printing

  • a CD containing all of the variations of the logo in several standard file formats and the appropriate color space as well as the letterhead and business card files.

2ndLook also retains copies of all your logo files in case you have a need to have something sent to a vendor, if you need help, or if you lose your disc.


Sample logo package

Sample logo package




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