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A well planned and designed visual identity will present a consistent message about your business or organization.


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Logo Development Process


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What We Need from You

When we first meet to discuss your logo development we will want you to supply information that will help us to understand your business or organization and what role the logo will play in that business.


Some information that will be helpful:
  • Is the logo for the entire organization or will it just apply to a product line, an event, or a special initiative?

  • Will the logo be replacing an existing logo, if so why are you replacing the former?

  • Are there particular colors associated with your business or industry?

  • What are the major and minor applications that your new logo will be used on. (see text in logo gallery)

  • Are there resources we can use to get a feel for the industry or field that the logo will be competing with?
    Samples of trade magazines or websites are helpful.

  • Are you associated with any entity which will have expectations of compliance to certain standards or rules for the logo design?

  • Are there any features that you would like to see incorporated into the logo design.


What You Can Expect from Us

The basic process will be for the designer to prepare a pre-determined number of possible logo designs and present them to you via email or a link to view them on our site.


From the designs you may choose 1 or 2 designs that you would like to see variations—or if you are not satisfied the designer will ask for your feedback and create more options based of the feedback.


Once the options have been narrowed down to 1 or 2 designs the designer will make modifications to those designs to further pinpoint what will work for you. At this point the designer will demonstrate the possible designs on some of the applications you mentioned as major uses of the logo to help you picture the final effect.


When the final design is decided on, we will prepare your logo files for you on a disc and as printed samples.

You will have the option of a complete 2ndLook Logo Package or individual elements at a negotiated price.


2ndLook also retains copies of all your logo files in case you have a need to have something sent to a vendor, if you need help, or if you lose your disc.




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